[Un]Necessary Retaliation

About a year ago I lived in a house with a revolving door of roommates – at it’s fullest capacity six people and a guy who paid us rent to live in the garage [but never actually stayed there, not even once] were living there, in the end it was only four.

One day, an anonymous letter was left on our door step. This is how it went:


So the first thing I’d like to mention is this, I was not and have never been associated with any fraternity in existence [unless you count liking the movies ‘Old School’ or ‘Animal House’] [Fuck, I forgot ‘Revenge Of The Nerds’!].

The confusion lies in our participation in a video that was filmed for a now defunct online sketch group. [The video is posted below. I also care to mention that I didn’t have anything to do with the production of this video outside of providing them with a filthy house] The fraternity mentioned in the letter is a ficticious fraternity who’s letters spell out ‘FAG’ [implying frat guys exhibit homosexual tendencies], and the only indication that we may have been part of one was the very first scene from the sketch in which that paper banner was hung for a duration of twenty minutes.

Our immediate response to the letter was unstoppable laughter. And then we went to work on operation ‘piss the neighbors off a go-go’. Here’s how it went:

Ok, I just realized all of the photos we took of the actual setup are M.I.A. on an old bust computer…so i guess the point of this post is absolutely meaningless. Again. I’m batting 1000! [I know that’s a baseball reference, but did I notate it correctly? Because I know if you are 500, you write it like this .500….so maybe im batting 1.000?]

Here is a picture the night before we moved out…all that shit was somewhere’s strewin about the lawn/roof illuminated by spotlights.


Update: It’s apparent I have no proof that we spray painted the [from what we could tell is the equivalent of] greek letters for ‘F U’ on mattresses and mounted them on the roof with spotlights illuminating them all night, while we transplanted a dozen stalks of corn from our backyard [that’s right…we had corn…what about it!?!] into our front yard, and pretty much put anything else that anyone in their right minds would consider ‘trash’ on the front porch and/or lawn.

and yes…we were very proud of ourselves! Very proud.

I am Jealous