You want me to do what!?

I had the idea to start this week off with something really great, you know, to get things started out on the right foot — err, the correct foot….. which I guess could BE your right foot if that was your preferred foot to start things off with, things like walking or jogging or jumping or something.

Anyways…instead I think I’ll just start things off the lazy way. That’s a nice tone to set for the rest of this week – Lazy.

So here’s an ad I pulled out of my newspaper before I tossed it all in the trash without reading anything but the comics [They started delivering the paper to me one day and they just never stopped. In fact, I just might be the only person who could complain about getting free newspapers delivered to my door every single morning].

digem-inApparently you just gotta ‘dig em in’. That’s the way the ladies REALLY like it.

Sometimes I think they deliver this paper to me just so I can find the hilarious dick jokes in them.

When they asked me in school what I wanted to be when I grew up, I told them ‘a fifth grader’. I’ve come so far.

Enjoy stupid jokes! We got a busy week coming up, so I assure you this won’t be the last of them!

when you say “tossed in the trash” you DO mean the recycling bin right???