CBS Can Suck It Mega!

I recently embarked on a journey to become the next millionaire on that tv show Survivor…but as many of you know, my luck with game shows is less than great…and this case is no different.

In true downinthewell fashion i waited till the last available moment to produce my audition video and submit it…and the combination of spotty internet access and site overload…my video was submitted past the deadline. So, it’s pointless for winning millions on television adventure shows…but it’s still sixty seconds of internet gold that i was able to throw together in a half-hazard fashion..and it would be a total shame if it were to go unseen…so here it is..the moment you’ve all been waiting for…a failed survivor audition attempt:

So if you like it…or just hate CBS…send them nasty emails or letters telling them to suck it…and to put me on survivor!!!

this is pure gold. made my day, and yes…that was a cat.

Damn! CBS is missing out…