Cell Phones Destroy America

Or something like that:

You can’t use em while driving…you can’t use em in public…you shouldn’t use em while you’re drunk [but it’s so much fun to do!]…so why can’t we just get rid of em?

It’s digital smack for all of the conversation junkies out there…it would appear that at&t has even captured that entire crowd of people who ‘hate phone calls’, yet incessantly text while showing everyone there neato new iphone app…why can’t we smoke in bars again?

in other news…i’m continuing my war on whoever came up with the word ‘app’ and those who continue to use it.

I like it but you need more of the girl in the clip, and a possible sex scene with the phone on vibrate. make a sequal with a lynch mob in a movie theater. If you need a professional director I specialize in making groups funny. MJ
The Original O.G.