Don’t Use Payphones!

Besides all the dirty little nasties that can get all over your hands, there are numerous reasons why you shouldn’t use payphones – and the pro cell phone organization ‘Cell Phones Of America’ will outline one of them for you in this short video:

See!? They’re dumb!

A short sketch my friend Scott and I shot this past weekend for shits and giggles. Turned out pretty nice huh? Leave us some feedback here at downinthewell

or watch it and comment HERE in HD! [make sure you click the ‘HD’ button in the right corner of the player!]

wow, ben you should be nominated for something on that one!! bravo really, great work… that makes me really not want to use payphones. no… really

Whoa… I don’t know how I feel about NOT commenting in HD, but… not a bad way to spend your weekend :) haha… Once, when I was like 12, I was walking into “Val’s” supermarket in Johnsburg with my mom and the payphone right outside rang and I answered it… It was some guy who sounded pretty similar to this video and he was like… I see that you’re wearing a blue shirt… It terrified me… Payphones are never good news.