Is California Part Of America Part is over;Rush Limbaugh is a Dead Man

That’s right folks, Is California Part of America is over and the question has been answered with a resounding Maybe. Who knows if California really is American Soil. It’s not for me or anyone to really know. All I really know for sure is that Rush Limbaugh is a Dead Man.

Oxycotton is bad for your heart Rush, as is obesity, hypertension and bold face lying. Your beef eating ways will soon be the end of you and the messiah of 21st century political discourse has got to be on his way out.

Screeming must kill you sometime right?

Dick Cheney says no. He is currently on his fifth heart and shows no signs of stopping. He may be bound to a wheel chair and nazi hat, looking uncannily like a batman super villian, but there are more than enough homeless people around to supply the old sub commander in chief with plenty of momentum.

But the GOP would never supply Limbaugh with vagrant hobo hearts would they? I mean when times are tough you put the dog to sleep instead of spend money on the hip surgery. When it comes time to perform a little preventative strike on ole Rush the big wigs with money will say “sorry fido, we have more pressing matters”.

And the GOP certainly has more pressing matters. Their is a new Zeitgeist around and everyone is trying to catch it. Republican Politic has become Pokemon and as the news drifts to left, with the left’s new king in Camelot, the right in this country is desperate to find all they ways they are being left (pun intended) out of politics. Got To Catch Them All.

Hey its back to the drawing board Rush. So what if you can’t by the St Louis Rams, your part of the anti-establishment again. “The Man” is not just a the man, but the head brother in charge. They are keeping you out of the mainstream, they are the majority and you are just another oppressed millionaire.
But enough about him, he will be dead soon.

How about them Bears.

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