Monkey Kong Needs Brains

Video first…explanation later:

So, this is a character that I was sort of working on to be included in another short project that I sort of started and sort of never got passed character design [which believe me…was unbelievable!]. So I took an opportunity to do some simple character animation in After Effects and learn a few additional basics that I should really already know but always forget…and I got to do some photoshop manipulation which I don’t do enough of…and so overall, I think this short clip provides an accurate portrayal of ‘spending too much time doing something for no reason’…but hey..who doesn’t like monkeys?!

You might see more of monkey kong…possibly pulling things from places you never thought of before, or maybe even moving! Or maybe not…it depends on how bored I get Vs. how bad traffic is when I leave work…there’s plenty of stuff that I don’t ever get back around to finishing…like that list I was making of things I won’t ever finish


Technical Tip [ignore this if you aren’t interested in stuff]:
I have been experiencing discrepancies with my videos as I upload them to youtube, animations specifically, where it will cut off the last few seconds of the videos. In this case there was a ‘downinthewell’ bumper after a few moments of black video…this has happened to me in the past as well, and I think youtube may have some system in place where it can recognize black video or something similar to avoid abusing the users and wasting their time watching bunk uploads? Maybe? Whatever, all I know is that it really doesn’t make a difference in this case so I’m not rushing out to re-upload any more tests in order to figure it out…my time is literally worth money…literally.

Literally? As opposed to actually right?