Mummrat Radio Ep. 6


That is right kids, when in doubt exploit your children for a shot at a show on TLC. Mummrat Radio is giving you our version of EXTRA . . . EXTRA awesome that is. We talk Octomom, The Duggars, John and Kate plus 8 and of course balloon boy. Chris Albright asked for it and we gave him more than he even deserves.

Ben and Brad even reveal the Video game franchise bracket and they want you (YOU!) to vote. Ben gives a jury duty update and we even get to hear the voice of god.

Parents tell your kids to listen to Mummrat when hiding in a box in the attic so they will have something to do while your talking to CNN!!

I have no idea why at the time we thought trashing that roof was a good idea, but it was…

That’s what happens when pot isn’t legal/available.

Whatever the case may be, the gutter on the edge of the roof over my balcony was permanently f’d up after that incident.