Craig T. Nelson Mandela Variety Hour – A new project

I’ve been busy the past few weeks – and here is a little taste of what i’ve been doing (not JUST being completely lazy)

A group of friends have gathered to destroy the lazy bomb, if only temporarily.

CTNMVH hopes to become a very watchable (and hopefully enjoyable) 4-6 minute inclusive program for you to enjoy, like one of your favorite TV shows – only shorter. It’s a bit long for the web, so we’ll be releasing all the individual sketches shortly after the episode hits – but, come on, five minutes.

If you could do me a solid and ‘like’ that video after you watch it a few thousand times, and subscribe to that YouTube profile with your fifteen active youtube accounts – that would be great!

Or, just enjoy it for what it is. We hope to do weekly updates on that – and have an event occurring at El Cid Web Series Unplugged this coming Wednesday April 17, 2013 to show off episode 1. $8 at the door, i believe. There will probably be dinner and drinks available for additional purchase (i know, sounds exactly like flying Delta), and most of the CTNMVH crew will be in attendance. So come out, watch some crappy web series’, and enjoy the company of others.

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