Failed Resolutions. Top Tens. Madness. Arnold Benedict’s Internet Freakshow

It’s been a while – i know – i’ve been very very busy (read: not incredibly busy, but just busy enough), and i’ve been completely neglecting this thing. I’m going to change that. I’m going to begin posting things that may or may not even be considered content, but can help me commit to a regular posting schedule. You see, almost annually i make a resolution to “post more on” and then really never do it. like – not even a moment of commitment (seriously, look at the archive – spotty at best). It’s not that i’m not creating content – it’s just that i’m not creating content specifically for In fact – i’ve almost abandoned the brand completely.

But, not so fast! what am i without my brand!??! what will i write on the bottom of those 0 t-shirt designs i’ve created!? what will i do with all those no sticker ideas i have!? where will i send people who want to know absolutely nothing about me, to find out more about absolutely nothing about me!? DOWNINTHEWELL.COM! THAT’S WHERE!!!

My side project (main project) HECKBENDER is working super hard on a huge project (aside from the youtube videos) that we hope will become something we will be proud of (if it isn’t – you’ll never hear from us again!). you can follow updates on that by locating @spaghettimanfilm on InstaGram (or find me @downinthewell on anything – and i’m sure it’ll link you back). So that’s been all consuming.

But i promised content – so here’s some. A few handy lists you can help yourself to:

If that’s not enough for you – i don’t know what will be. Please stick around – and hurl your proverbial tomatoes as you see fit.

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