How To Fly A Plane – Bored In LA

Have you ever wanted an excuse to fly a four passenger Cherokee single propeller airplane? I never actually thought about it really, until travel zoo provided me with a severely discounted coupon right around birthday time for the Girl. So i took it as an opportunity to check a non-existent item off my non-existent list (this thing’s never going to get finished if i never actually start it…and then continuously add stuff).

So as a gift to myself, and anyone who may have thought i was Dead as a result of this journey – i present a less than short (7 minutes) video of the experience. I’d like to thank the friendly (if not a little unorganized) staff at Encore Flight Academy for doing what they promised to do (return me safely to the ground), and my nerves for being made of something similar to steel.

Have fun.


Stay tuned for a few more short edits from recent (and not so recent) trips and etc. I’ve got a couple bigger projects out of my way and can begin tackling these smaller ones more regularly.

I get bored just like you do – send me some links of some things you do when you get bored


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