Planet of the Grapes – Dawn of the planet of the apes parody CLICK BAIT!

ALright – it’s not exactly click bait if it’s posted two weeks after it opens – but people are saying this is the greatest food related parody of this movie YET! i’ve been very busy trolling the web – so this is all i’ve been able to supply the internet with. Have fun. Enjoy. Prosper in spite of your pain.

Subtext over-analyzed by a pompous ass;

The DreamCast Controller
– Represents man’s eternal struggle with supplanted technology. The DreamCast is the perfect metaphor for the unevolved, therefor superfluous progression of modern man. Man’s “Dreams” caused him to “cast” himself further into the unknown than necessarily prudent (See Sega Video Game Company After 1996). Icarus flies to close to the sun.

The California Grapes –
Here the director intends to draw a show the process of commercialization amongst the aged artist. As counter culture aficionados of the love generation age into corporate shills, so do the raisins sell the withering effect of time on the morality and core values of the creative type.

– Grapes Rhyme With Ape