‘Redbull Soapbox Derby 2011’ or ‘It’s not about the hosting, it’s about the crashes!’

It was hot, and I was hungover…but I still managed to get my butt out there on the street to wrangle some of the most creative derby participants…and ask them the same three questions…over…and over….and over

I’m no host…yet…but as I make my yearly appearance as a host for some web video, I find myself saying ‘like’ much less often. And I don’t think I said the word ‘Perfect’ the entire time…NOT EVEN ONCE! (ok…maybe once?)

It’s fun, and that’s really more important than being better than Mike Rowe. And in order to become better than Mike Rowe (which I will eventually be) my shtick need some improvement.

So as I get more opportunities to host things…ANYthings…my skills should increase elevenfold. What I’m saying is: ‘Hire Me’


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