Sexy Pregnants – Arnold Benedict’s Internet Freakshow

I was at work the other day and someone sent me this video because they thought it was interesting:

and i said to myself ‘hmm, that is interesting….i think?’. Then i noticed that in the related videos section, there were TONS of these types of videos. So i got curious and began watching them. For easily twenty minutes i was sitting in my office, a grown man watching pregnant women’s bellies grow to disgustingly large proportions, stuffed full of babies. Then i stumbled upon this one:

This chick’s hot! I never imagined a pregnant woman could be attractive before! I just figured they were disgusting and gross the instant a zygote formed [based purely on my high school health class experiences of watching ‘the miracle of birth’ repeatedly in slow motion]

So i dug a little deeper, and found out that not only can they be moderately attractive, there are entire fetish sites DEDICATED to pregnant chicks! This is a thing!

Right off the bat – for those of you who would prefer dive to straight into the hot and heavy hardcore pregmo action – go to and get your fill. [but my favorite bun in the oven related URL has to be ‘’]

For those of us with more refined taste – here are a few of the more tastefully attractive pregnant ladies i was able to discover through a little searching – I did the work so you don’t have to:

You should probably get Wild On that.

This doesn't seem right - maybe it's non-alcoholic? I can't tell, i was too busy staring at the hot pregnant chick with a beer in her hand.

Yes it's Britney. No I'm not kidding.

I'm not a huge fan of red lipstick - but i'm not a huge fan of pregnant chicks either. We're willing to make exceptions for everything.

Yeah. This one should have probably been first huh?

Trust me, the rest really aren’t worth looking at. Not to be rude, your babies are most likely wonderful and life really is miraculous – but your enormous bellies freaks me out a little.

And, if you’re looking for something completely tasteless and totally NSFW – go ahead and check out this terrible flash game I found!

Don’t say i’ve never done anything to enhance your lives.

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