Stabbing on BART after Raiders Game – Fact or Fiction?

From what I could tell, it happens 0% of the time that I was in attendance, and probably 100% of the time when I am not – at least that’s what my most recent studies have shown. Embedded journalism at it’s finest.

One thing is for sure, I walked from Jack London Square, to the Twelfth street BART station – bursting with Raiders fans – attended the game, and got back to my hotel safe and sound all while wearing a Walter Payton jersey and draped in an enormous shroud of orange and blue fleece emblazoned with the menacing bear logo – snapping pictures every ten feet or so like the tourist I am – and i live to this day to tell you about it.

Although, had i gotten stabbed – you could place the blame squarely on my aunt Debi for making me such a comfortable item to parade around with. So i guess i should thank her for the lack of pneumonia. Thanks!

and now, a short video for you to enjoy.

with any luck, i’ll have another highlight video to follow.

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