Kenny Brooks Comedian is A Hack! (and also most likely dead) : Arnold Benedict’s Internet Freakshow

The internet sensation Kenny Brooks has swept his way into everyone’s hearts because of his quick talking, sharp scathing whit, and jive – a whooooole lot of jive.  A true comedian, with his self deprecating racial humor – putting a crooked smile on a face of your typical downtrodden door to door salesman.  The video that you may or may not have seen:

He’s great isn’t he?  But, unfortunately – it appears this is just a thing they do at Advanage (hire broke black youth to invade suburban households with their delicious miracle cleaner)

Advanage Official Website

Or, for the uninitiated

And, while we don’t blame Kenny for getting his hustle on and really trying to make that guap, we are pretty sure he might have been murdered by his brother:

Kenneth Brooks was pronounced dead the next day at 3:45 p.m. at Arrowhead Regional Medical Center in Colton, authorities said.

So, it wasn’t the cleaner that killed him.

Sorry Kenny, your fifteen minutes came a few months too late.

Unless you’re alive – which if that’s the case – still a hack.

Good luck on Leno!

It appears you are correct. The victim listed in this link: has the same name and the shooting is reported to have occurred on the 7300 block of Shelby in Rancho Cucamonga. If you pause the video where Kenny holds up his ID badge you will see it has the address of 3350 Shelby St., Ontario, CA. Rancho Cucamonga and Ontario are adjacent to each other.

It doesn’t look like Kenny. Kenny’s skin is much darker. Look closer at the R.I.P. video of kenneth brooks on youtube.

This Kenny Brooks did not die, it is another man with the same name (ironic, but true) and regardless of why he was hired, he is still a hilarious young kid using his talent to earn income. In this economy, how could you blame the young man for putting in effort, working hard, and earning his way? The company (if you feel is doing something wrong or “hackish”) should be to blame, not the hard-working people that they hire. If you’d like to see a photo of the real Kenneth Brooks that was murdered by his brother, check out this myspace:

And stop being so judgmental. Thanks!

Thanks for the comment Kelli!

I don’t blame anyone for getting their hustle on, especially in this economy – i mean, take a look around this website and tell me i’m not doing something with my time to keep my mind off how many dollars aren’t in my pocket book (do people even use those anymore?) – I just saw this as an opportunity to spread some information i found (absolutely circumstantial – as i believe was mentioned in the post) after realized that what he was doing wasn’t novel in any way – in fact, if you notice, they use the same jokes!

So i’m not blaming anyone really – except maybe myself for attempting to entertain while i misinform.

I do weekly updates, subscribe and continue the dialogue!

Thanks to Mike and Max as well, your comments are appreciated.

Just a note: I, too was warmly entertained by a young man who had traveled to my city to sell the same cleaner. I must say that I like the product. It is really good. I also like that these young folks at least have a chance to work. More power to ‘em!

The gal in the second video just wants bbc. you serious?

Listen I literally was trained by Kenny brooks working for that company about two years ago. I was and will always be his best trainee. He has a gift at what he does. And when u here others use the same jokes they came from kb(nickname). He has notebooks of Jokes. He works hard at what he does and I’m not talkin about just at the door, he taught me whatever You put in a business that’s what You will get out of it. He’s humble kind and a man of his word. The company isn’t to shabby itself. Everyone keep Kenny in ur prayers he deserves that big blessing that’s coming his way. Kb when u read this urself thanks for everything. Love u my homie

Its the guys who wrote the material and have the business sense to take this angle who win big here. but are they as brilliant as KB appears to be? probably not, thet probably spent forever thinking up all those jokes. but the finished product is as awesome as the cleaning effects of the green goo, and all these kenny clones means one thing only – the spirit of Kenny lives on!

i find it humorous, that the SAME stuff he sells for 36 bucks– is at the Dollar tree near my house..

I don’t know about him. Being BROKE he has on Jordan’s and a expensive watch!! I think that was stereotype he has a job and obviously is good at it. How can he be broke!!?

How is he a hack if he is ACTUALLY funny? Watch the video. He’s hilarious and quick on his feet, goes with the situation, and if his job is to be funny, he does it well.

Not trying to be rude but a lot of these comments are insane. Who cares if he is broke or not? His job is to sell a product. Who cares if u can get it at dollar tree. As someone that has done lots of door to door sales he truly is selling himself, the product doesnt matter. If you can get it cheaper do it! The reality is the neighborhoods they target, the people dont shop at the dollar tree, and probably never will. If they do buy it there! No one was holding a gun to your head, freedom of choice. Anyone that talks bad on him should go knock doors for themselves and see how they feel. The reality is if I knock on your door and persuade you to buy a product you never would have otherwise, I deserve a reward!! You great Kenny and inspirational. Amazing work and keep it up!!!

well – if you continued to read, and watched the other video – you’ll see that the majority of the lines are canned, and are used by many of their salesmen. it’s like if i re-write Salem’s Lot and you thought i was an amazing writer.

now that i think about it, i’m going to re-write Salem’s Lot! go ahead and check out more of the stuff on this site that i’ve ripped off from other, more talented people. We’re ALL hacks!

Why are there so many haters in this world. The man is out there working for a living and doing a great job at it. You don’t know if he wrote the jokes or not but even if he doesn’t he’s got talent. The writers are important but it’s the artist who delivers the message that makes the largest impact. Do you think all singers write their own songs, all actors write their own script, all talk show hosts write their own monologues? Stop hating on a young man trying to make an honest living doing what he’s good at. I wish him the best and hope he becomes famous someday and make people laugh all over the world.

hate is an art form of it’s own.

I really liked the part when they talked about Elephants doin it.

He isn’t a hack…I literally just bought Advanage from him and this is my second time doing so. I bought some 2 years ago from him. He is hilarious and even entertains my kids when he shows up. He’s not a hack, moron…

I am a salesman. All of sales is scripted, conditioned responses. Even customers have scripted, conditioned responses. The next time you go to buy something, and an employee says “can I help you?” and your response is “just looking” realize that you must be a hack too. (assuming you feel like these guys are hacks) What is important is the ability to deliver those canned phrases, at the appropriate times, with the correct tone and inflection to allow your customer to buy something they want/need.

Jessica – prove it. PROVE IT!!!!

there is nothing this article needs more than additional proof that this guy is dead. if he is alive – then everyone can stop searching for ‘kenny brooks comedian dead’ and i’ll stop raking in all the sweet internet traffic.

Michael – my response to salesmen in a store that ask if they can help is generally ‘no thanks, i’ve done all my research online, and i just wanted to hold this product in my hand before purchasing it from amazon – therefore making your job obsolete’. but i don’t think that makes me any less of a hack.

sadly – i understand you’ll never see these response. so i’ll end it on ‘i am a major model of a modern major general’ in the key of G


He is not dead at all. He was at my house yesterday in Seattle WA. Snapped a pic of him and everything.

thanks Kevin – your insight and proof into this matter were really appreciated. i’d love it if you could email me the photo, with him holding yesterday’s newspaper and you shaking his hand. This will prove beyond all doubt that he’s not dead – and if you happen to have a transcript of his material, that would be appreciated as well. Thanks for being part of the collective downinthewell army. your swift compliance is appreciated.

he’s dead. DEAD.

Kenny isnt dead and has new victim sightings all over the wed…different Kenny.

I have no problem watching people like him run game on you people who whine in his defense. You people have too much funny watching a black man whore his integrity out in the name of laughter…isnt that why Dave Chappelle rarely makes appearance? People like you! Sure this guy is funny but if he is supposedly REPRESENTING a real company this ISH just aint makin no DAG GONE sense. It has hustle and scam written all over it…especially if you been hit up by similar scams(like Bible sellers with similar ID smelling like a homeless person…not a musty person but a HOMELESS person…a unique smell).
Buy the product all you want but this circus act is disgusting and if you think its cute to deceive people into feeling comfortable giving their bank card information to crazy folk whom never have REAL ID, bank cards, or even house keys on their person then “yous a lie”.

Who cares if the lines are written. These kids have heart and sell their personality. Go sit in your cubicle and watch these videos and go home and wish you had a chance to enjoy what you do.

I’m very comfortable in my cubicle

He is alive and well. Stay tuned….

What people don’t understand about door to door is the experience that it builds. That’s why you don’t do it for long. You develop a gift for gab and an ability to think quick and you get a better job.
I challenge the writer of this article to (unannounced)walk door to door and begin reading your work to confused strangers. Then ask for money to fund the work your doing out in the neighborhood. See how many sheckles you come home with. Then we’ll decide who’s a hack.

thanks for your insight, matt. I apologize for not responding sooner – i was pretty busy out making tons of money, and jet setting to notice you were even here. I don’t often mingle with the norms, so the idea of your door to door challenge repulses me to no end. I think if you take a second look at the article, you’ll notice we praise kenny for his gusto, and positive attitude – may he forever rest in peace, below a headstone inscribed with Carlos Mencia’s greatest hits.

Arnold Benedict, you’re an enormous faggot that does not know how to do research, in 5 minutes I have found using google that Kenny is not dead while you are still in denial after 3 fucking years. What’s even more sad is that you constantly belittle people who support him and what he does. What’s the point of that?

damn arnold, goin ham
kinda dickish tho ngl

Let me start off by saying I didnt google Kenny Brooks dead. I googled KB the Comedian so I could find and support this young man. The white supremacist who wrote this is pretty pissed that this young black guy is alive, well, traveling and making legitimate money versus robbing and killing. If you noticed he keeps referring to KB as dead and mentioning a tomb stone even after HE asked for proof which was given. Those who purchase the product clearly says it works. And those working for the company CLEARLY states he trains others which is why his lines are being used. How is he a hack? Sounds like someone who is mad for nothing. You are really pissed and want KB dead huh…smh! I’m working to remove this website. Thanks for your negativity and hate towards positivity ASS Benedict! By the way if you were really “out making tons of money” you wouldn’t have time to be watching others pockets.

how is he a hack, again? im kinda lost.

It may be rehearsed, but show me a salesman who hasn’t practiced his pitch over and over and over again.
Sad to hear what happened.

Kenny probably used all of 3 punch phrases as this other guy did out of the 50 some odd references he used in his video…. If he is a “Hack” then he is the best damn “Hacker”… Hands down. I seen a guy selling this stuff a few years back where I lived he was catchy and had whits but he didn’t touch Kenny, and either does the guy in the second vid. The dude has personality…

Some peoples talent is to tell jokes…
others to talk shit.

Thank you for bringing me back to life Arnold Benedict

Thanks Andrew Kelly you and God know the truth

Hey Arnold!
In my most honest and educated opinion I have come to the conclusion you are a very boring, lonely old nob! Leave the geezer alone if he is selling a product that does what it says on the bottle and can make people smile in the process where is the need to lay in to him.. Someone have mommy troubles?? Only child maybe?? I could rant on and on but I will not spare you another wasted moment! Kenny Brooks respect “keep playing player” and you mr Benedict hate the game instead..Oh and maybe update that 19th century name

listen ‘fake email address’ – you give a bad name to faggots everywhere by lumping me in with them. i built google – i’m sleeping on residuals instead of a bed – i live in a house built entirely out of walrus tusk – i don’t NEED google to do my research – i’ve produced enough evidence to prove my case, the’ve made me an honorary Kardashian – i thank you for your comments, and hope to see you soon!

I love ham! you’re the best!

reading this cost me $214,000 – and i’m not even mad. I do, however, take issue about this ‘pocket’ discussion. i never once objectified you, and wouldn’t consider it an option. yes, people are objects to me – but not in a sexual nature. besides, i’m not really into fashion – this cloak i’ve had for well over a month, fashioned from the hair donated to locks for love (you should really look into where those donations go, you would be disgusted) is remarkably passé. thanks for stopping by! list your favorite Dane Cook jokes in the comments below!

I’ll address these scam links collectively – if a dead Kenny Brooks can make over $300 a day just by clicking a link that he has repeatedly posted on his Facebook profile from beyond the grave, YOU CAN TOO!!! stop wasting your lives searching for dead salesmen, and get out there to stack some of that cash! if dead Kenny can do it, so can you!!!

OMG! THE Kenny Brooks has entered my domain! I’ve been waiting YEARS for this! Kenny, please get a hold of me ASAP at and we can set up a Skype conversation to prove all of these haters wrong!

seriously, thank you for taking time out to comment twice on my little post. it’s days like these that i remember why i too quit my job to make over $300 a day just by clicking this link

have someone read you the post. it might make sense that way – a lot of people are auditory learners. keep making music, your stuff is amazing.

finally someone who grasps the weight of the article. it’s a terrible loss to artistic integrity, and material theft NEEDS TO STOP. i will follow you into the desert, and further – if that is where you want to go.

Hey Joe! Thanks for the compliment! I hear that i have talent all the time, but never from someone with such a cool rhyming email address. That is cool, you are cool, you should post more cool stuff more often! Thanks for stopping by.

Hey! 40 isn’t old, if you’re a tree! Get it!? because trees can live for way longer than 40 years, so comparatively, 40 years isn’t a long time for trees to live. So if humans were trees, and i were 40 years old, it would be like i was a teenager again! the prospects excite me!

but, truthfully, i really appreciate your ability to form a concise opinion and express it in a way that addresses the real concerns – instead of attacking my character like so many others.

i do, however, suggest you consider changing your name. Insects are like, sooooo phanerozoic. thanks Ant! love ya!

Jamar… are truly a dumb son of a bitch….I do door to door sales….own my own house….have my own cars…pay taxes….take care of 4 kids ..have 85 percent repeat business ……..and just trade marked and blended my owncleaner to sell door to door….that’s taking me 3 years to develop….no they don’t sell the same shit at dollar general….yes advantage really does work and will save people money and if my kids or animals drink it they will live…….

Kenny is NOT dead you idiot. He was just at a coworker of my boyfriends house yesterday in a small town south of where I live. I know this because the guy sent my boyfriend a picture of him and Kenny. Unless there are TWO Kenny Brooks out there going door to door selling cleaners.

What a load of bollocks. lol Never have I seen so much drivel written over a guy doing his best to make a buck. No Bible jokes right?
Go Kenny Brooks, you’re a talented guy, scripted or not, and you really should be on TV. You need a website and info for all this potential customers to keep in touch. Green is green, in a bottle or a TV paycheck, and you should reap your rewards mate. ;-)

SEE!!!??? CAN EVERYBODY PLEASE LOOK AT WHAT STEALING CAN GET YOU!? Shanman here stole the secret formula and has BANKED off of it!!! Maybe there is a future fir you Kenny – you know – if you weren’t dead.

SHANMAN! Hook us up with some cleaner! Downinthewell is very, very unclean – and full of animals. We’d leave a very favorable review if one was so warranted – as you can see, the users below care much for our opinions here. Thanks for stopping by!

There aren’t two Kenny’s out there – there’s not even one, because he passed away. Please stop spreading vicious rumors and have some respect for the deceased.

Bookmark us for more Kenny updates!!!

You know guys on tv?

You know it don’t matter. What he was hired to do. The point is he was or is funny and he worked hard to get by. He could have be out selling drugs in order to be a stereo type Africa American.

Awesome is sold at the Dollar Tree, not Advantage. Similar in concept but still not the save product.

Thank you Chris – for finally bringing some logic to this conversation, and adding value to the dialogue, instead of just libelous tripe like these other cretins have been spreading around here.

VIP user right here.

He’s not dead I ran into him 2 weeks ago while I was cleaning my car man he’s super funny and really nice his product he was sale came to $50-$200

Hey Eddie! Thanks for checking in – always on the lookout for a great new Kenny sighting. He’s like the bigfoot monster of the 2015’s – everyone and their mother seems to have seen the guy, but nobody ever captures even the BLURRIEST of images. You’d think in the days of instagrams, twitters, and snapchats – one person would have been able to get a picture of themselves Kenny Brooks – internet hero….preferably with a fresh newspaper from that morning, you know, so nobody out there can cast any doubt. Keep the feeling alive – just like Kenny would like it! you’re the best!

His last post on facebook was 4 days ago. So apparently he is as alive as you are delusional. And another thing hate is not an art, art is creative, hate is a destructive emotion, therefore has no artistic value whatsoever. And if you want a clear pic of Kenny (since you’re so obsessed with him) allow us to upload one on this garbage-ass blogsite you have here. And speaking of hacks, let’s examine ArnoldBenedict? An ass-backwards version of a person who was tried and found guilty of treason towards the US, so I guess it takes a hack to know a hack, right Arnold? And you should know, because you see a hack every morning in the mirror.

thanks Markie! love the feedback! would LOVE to publish some pictures on this blog site, just send them right over! you can find my contact info somewhere around here, if you can fumble through the navigation. I wish i understood history well enough to get what you were saying about my username, but i feel like i may be doomed without that info. If you could get in touch with Kenny, tell him i’d love to catch up.

LMAO! Thanks AB

Just saw a video on YouTube of this young man that was posted a few months ago. In the video he did a joke referencing Mike Brown. Yeah I’d say he’s alive and well at least he was when the rumors started that he had been killed by his brother. Smh People sure don’t mind starting ish

Yo,Yo W’sup! ‘Tis yo Boy Kenny Brook Up In This Bitch Right Here Yall.. Like Jesus say, He Love Us All And As a Result, I Ain’t dead.. (Yet). But Yall Know How It Goes, A Nigga From Da Hood Sellin’ ‘Em Advanage Bullshit Ain’t Go Pay No Bills Yo. Man, A nigga Gota Be Realistic, Dis Comedy Ol’ Bullshit Ain’t Go Get A Nigga Nowhere In Life (A Nigga Get’s Bored Of Sayin da Same ol’ Shit Over n’ Over) So I’s Decided To Pursue a Full Time Career in Entrepreneurship, So I Ain’t go Be Makin’ No Moree YouTube Videos No More, Jack..Peace Out, Homie – his trainer was selling me that stuff today.

I don’t get it. I DONT GET IT! the ghost of kenny brooks has come back to my site just to tell me that he’s given up comedy and moved on to some type of real work!? THIS IS NOT HOW IT WAS SUPPOSED TO HAPPEN! i was supposed to get visions while i sleep – marley and marley dragging chains around my attic. This is some B.S. imposter who can’t even use a simple web form – or who thinks it’s some sort of sick joke to not only impersonate the late Kenny Brooks, but also ME! ON MY OWN SITE! i’ve got your IP, pal – and i’m about to do absolutely NOTHING WITH IT. thanks for stopping by! add me on twitter! @downinthewell

Why have you not responded to the last post? Also, have you not seen his more recent video, aka well after your post, of him selling his product from december of 2014?

Sorry Mike, i was out crankin on my wanker, not paying much attention to long dead comedians, or the fanboys that can’t understand that the king is dead (no matter how convincing Bubba Ho-Tep was). what did you want me to respond to? oh yeah – the facebook page. the facebook page that one of you sick cretins out there post on his behalf. CLICK THE WEBSITE, DUMMY! who in their right mind let’s their domain lapse!>? stop trying to dig up corpses, huck – this case is closed. book ‘em columbo. Subscribe to my newsletter!

NOT DEAD!!! Possibly wishes he was butt instead he is in the big city of Lott Texas just had a visit from another guy who is selling the product with him.

Man, shut your miserable ass up.

This guy was just at my house in Midland, Tx today. He’s very much alive and still selling this product! I knew I had seen him before on the internet. I googled him and found this same video I watched recently. One of a kind, guy!

One thing I noticed in his original video is that he never asks for the sale. He seems to have gotten better at it in the later videos, but early on he didn’t seem to know when to ask for money. The original video that propelled him to fame, they were ready to buy from him about 2 minutes in, but he went on with his pitch another 4 minutes. Kill sales that way.

Dude, the guy is still active on his Facebook page. Pretty strange for a dead man, ain’t it?

It not really comedic wit.
It’s actually a well rehearsed list of one liners, taught to him by his trainer.
If he came with his own material, and developed it over time, then he would have something. All of the sales people say the same exact thing, it the script they are taught.
With a good writer he could be good on stage.

Dude! He’s making videos!

The Brooks Show

He moved in behind the Whataburger with a dozen or so of his twins. Can’t throw a stone in Lott these days without hitting a Kenny Brooks.

ArnoldBenedict you seem like a real shitty person with not a stick– but a huge log up your ass. Look it up, admit your wrong, and revise your article. THANKS DUDE.

ARnoldBenedict is a fraud. a hack. a troll. waste of our time.

yes! finally someone with some sense! Thanks Shmurdz for understanding that searching for a dead man (like Kenny Brooks “Comedian”, LOL ROFLMAO) is a total waste of time!

To all of you digging up sad archive footage of Kenny and posting online, I’m sure he would appreciate the effort to continue his legacy – but I feel like he’d be more likely to appreciate you moving on, with a little Kenny inside of you.

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