Down In The Well Gets Down With The Sickness

Ok, now for some scathing political humor [full entry]

The Kirk/Crane Paradox

The Kirk/Crane Paradox.

Having been without television for the past few years, I feel I have really been missing out on important cultural phenomenon like such as: Lost or The American Office or The OC or Heroes. [full entry]

Down In The Well Presents: A Night At The Movies

I think I made mention of my computer failure last week in relation to this super mega sweet film review. Well, as things would have it, after opening word for the third or fourth time since then the program finally remembered that it had recovered a lost document! So without further hesitation we bring to you:

Down In The Well Presents: A Night At The Movies with โ€˜Monsters VS. Aliensโ€™ [aka: maybe it should have stayed lost] [full entry]

Half The Effort

This week has been real slow here at down in the well. Must be the weather? Who knows, so in keeping in tradition of at least one post a week [I had a real awesome movie review all typed up, until word decided to stop responding when I was saving it? And I hate doing things over again, so that might just be lost forever. Or resurface as a ‘less than awesome facsimile of it’s former self’.] So I started doing this comic for I consider it a ‘work in regress’ [like most of my projects]. This one I found pretty amusing though…so here it is performing double duty:

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The Origin of General Overview


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