Is California Part Of America Pt 4.

During football season the outcome of my weeks are entirely dependent on whether or not the Chicago Bears win on Sunday. Because they won this week I feel comfortable enough to discuss the most unsavory event that has occurred in my six weeks in Long Beach.

The Gay Rapist of Long Beach

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Mummrat Radio Episode 2, 2.5


What may I ask is more mum than a grown man crying? Time magazine asked if Glenn Beck was good for America and Mummrat Radio is here with the answer(NO!). Glenn Beck did not answer a single question of Katie Couric’s maybe because he assumed they were rhetorical (even though he was being interviewed). Marvel was bought by Disney and Mummrat is on the street asking what superpower you would have if you lived in a comic universe bought out by a cartoon universe. MJ is really drunk, Ben discovers that he is a type A personality and Brad was definitely there too. Its MummratRadio and it is on the air . . . internet . . . well you know.


Mummrat Radio Episode 1

Well no one asked for it but we did it anyway, here is the first episode of Mummrat Radio. Stand with bated breath as we discuss bronzing a dead rat. Quake with mirth as we handle the whole “Brett Favre Vikings Controversy” for close to 35 minutes. And god damn wet yourself over our discussion of bums and couch surfing. It’s Mummrat Radio for Christ sakes so enjoy it.


Is California Part Of America Part 3

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Helping Out The Future Me

Coming home half in the bag and super hungry is a losing situation. UNLESS…you had gone to the store the day earlier and uncharacteristically [what are the fucking odds i spelled that right!?] bought a frozen pizza and some body wash [that’s right…old spice bitch! AND i use a loofa!], came home and cooked that pizza but didn’t feel like eating it [but totally took a shower and made yourself sexy for the ladies]. So you put it in the fridge [the pizza…not the sexy me…although…i just went to sleep…so i guess that would technically be putting the ‘sexy me’ straight into the fridge].

Now it’s a friday night [early saturday morning] and i’m wasted and struggling to stay alive! I’m tearing through the fridge knowing there’s nothing there but a stick of butter and some old milk….but WAIT! A PIZZA!!!

I rule.