MummratRadio Ep. 9

mumm9 copyWell, well, well…it would appear that the Mummrat crew has come out with yet another episode! Could this be an interesting turn in events? Have they taken yet another step toward ultimate productivity!? Time will tell!

In this episode Ben gets so hammered by the end of the show he can’t stand up anymore, let alone form complete sentences, we discuss money matters and tard babies, iphone application fiascos, ticketmaster disasters, makeshift golf club radio, we have a preacher who damns those who pee sitting down to hell, michael jordan makes an entrance near the end of the show bearing live shrimp, and hey, we actually wrote a bit!!! So stick around till about 30 min to hear the first half of pure written bit…and then we close on whatever we had left over..the real gold is the last forty minutes so you definitely won’t want to miss out.

Maybe we’ll stop drinking so much, but, we had an excuse?

Till next week loyal listeners! Tell a friend, get them to check it out…you’ll be able to say you were listening when…



Downinthewell’s Big Ass Videogame Bracket Round 3 (fight!)

downinthewells bracke2

Yeah that’s right folks we have some real good matchups for you this week. Sorry about the lateness, Brad is currently having some technical difficulties, but Brad also believes that he has overcome most if not several of these impediments! Maybe next week I can have the voting up before the day we have to do the show. But even America elections only take a day . . . unless your name is Al, (that’s an Al Franken, Al Gore and Paul Simon Reference

Here are the match-ups

  1. Madden Versus Zelda
  2. Bible Adventures Versus Tetris
  3. Pac Man Versus Command And Conquer
  4. Bubble Bobble Versus Sonic
  5. Mario Versus Castlevania
  6. Double Dragon Versus Grand Theft Auto
  7. Gauntlet Versus Super Smash Brothers
  8. Rampage Versus Dance Dance Revolution
  9. Ninja Turtles Versus Resident Evil
  10. Pokemon Versus Mortal Kombat
  11. Earthworm Jim Versus Metal Gear
  12. Twisted Metal Versus Skate or Die
  13. Starcraft Versus WWF Wrestling
  14. Tomb Raider Versus Contra
  15. Kirby Versus Street Fighter
  16. Doom Versus Punch Out!!

Fun With Google Ads

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MummratRadio Ep. 8

banner8 copy

Have we mentioned to anyone out there that these shows are getting so awesome they can barely be contained on one website? NO!? Well just check out this action packed episode and judge for yourself!

This week we have a Halloween hijinks recap, Ben calls ‘The Electric Company’ ‘The Learning Company’ too many times to count, we find out Brad is ‘one of those guys’, we tally the votes for week 2 of our big ass video game updates and we find out who moves on, some crazy theories, shoutouts, and we find out HIV is bad for kids!

So check it out, tell your friends, leave a comment, and then tell us what you like/hate/love/feel indifferent about.

Come back soon!









Mummrat/Downinthewell’s Big Ass Video Game Franchise Tournament Bracket!! ROUND TWO (fight)!


  1. Halo Versus Madden
  2. Zelda Versus Gran Turismo
  3. Bible Adventures Versus Star Fox
  4. Ninja Gaiden Versus Tetris
  5. Pac Man Versus Crash Bandicoot
  6. Guitar Hero Versus Command And Conquer
  7. Bubble Bobble Versus Final Fantasy
  8. Sonic Versus Wolfenstein
  9. Mario Versus Worm
  10. Star Wars Versus Castlevania
  11. Bomberman versus Double Dragon
  12. Mega Man Versus Grand Theft Auto
  13. Centipede Versus Guantlet
  14. Super Smash Bros verus World Of Warcraft
  15. Call of Duty Versus Rampage
  16. Dance Dance Revolution Versus Metroid

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