El Niรฑo Ama A La Fiesta -or- photoshop is for phags

I found a photograph of a little boy on the side of the road this morning and decided the web was too proliferated with images that have received the photoshop treatment…and since photoshop is for losers…I went back to the basics and gave this photo a minorly inappropriate analog adjustment, the way our parents used to do it!

Hope you like it: [full entry]

MummratRadio Ep. 18

This week we bring you a mummratradio episode that clocks in just under three hours, and it is dedicated to our friend Eric, and all of our other friends out there who have made our lives what they are today.

Now that all the sappy B.S. is out of the way, we have a very special episode this week that includes some classic radio clips from a show we did in college called ‘Radio Anarchy’. A blast from the past that i have enjoyed digitizing, and you may enjoy listening. A peak into the beginnings of the madness you listen to here each and every week! We’ve got a couple new segments that we dug up, and we plow through topics like crazy this episode! Plenty of the classic arguments you so dearly love to hear, and light on the sexist remarks which is always a plus!

We successfully upset our neighbors again for the third straight night, all in the name of internet radio…so we hope you appreciate it, and let us know what you think by leaving a comment, or sending us an email at mummratradio@gmail.com.


Soul Shattering Clip Of The Week:

agreed, this is not necessarily soul shattering, and in fact we think it’s really pretty rad…but slightly disturbing…extremely slightly disturbing

You Too May Be A Female Creeper

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CBS Can Suck It Mega!

I recently embarked on a journey to become the next millionaire on that tv show Survivor…but as many of you know, my luck with game shows is less than great…and this case is no different.

In true downinthewell fashion i waited till the last available moment to produce my audition video and submit it…and the combination of spotty internet access and cbs.com site overload…my video was submitted past the deadline. So, it’s pointless for winning millions on television adventure shows…but it’s still sixty seconds of internet gold that i was able to throw together in a half-hazard fashion..and it would be a total shame if it were to go unseen…so here it is..the moment you’ve all been waiting for…a failed survivor audition attempt:

So if you like it…or just hate CBS…send them nasty emails or letters telling them to suck it…and to put me on survivor!!!

The Wine Bottle Delusion

As Downinthewell is operated as a non-profit [read: we don’t have or make any money] sometimes we run out of necessities…like cork screws and food.

But there’s always booze! And after taking a tip from the internet, we remove the nemesis that keeps us from our go-juice.

Make sure to check out mummratradio episodes 1-17…and stay tuned…i think we’re motivated again!