Books Without Borders – Talkin Video Games Podcast Ep. 4!

Welcome back! We have had quite the week full of updates, and they won’t be stopping any time soon!

In this week’s podcast, we briefly touch the crisis pertaining to the Borders bookstore closing it’s doors and how it affects the rest of our consumer culture. There are some revolutionary ideas included in this show as to how to solve all of the worlds economic problems, and those awkward moments when you don’t quite have the right words to say. Some classic films are dissected and we find out exactly what nostalgia means to Egon.

A quick episode that you can download and bring with you anywhere you like, even dinner parties! Tell your friends, and let us know what you think by commenting below, or dropping us a line at

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How To Write A Letter Of Resignation

After five long years of loyal disservice, I have up and quit my job. Congratulations to me. There are many dark tunnels to explore in my future, so don’t come lookin!

And of course I include my alias on all of my official work documents. One day I’m gonna have to pony up and use my real name, but I’m too afraid of the flocks of teenage women hurling their undergarments at me while I attempt to shop for farina and beer.

What Could Possibly Go Wrong? The Show!

A few days back, the first collaboration between myself and Klepto K took place, at some guy named ‘Robby”s birthday party he was having at the bar. We gave Robby the biggest gift of them all, a shit show! (an apology to the Liquid Lounge for crashing your live music night, and making it our bitch….your 45 minutes will never be returned)

Here are a few examples of the things that we got out of the show, and in the future we will be providing some audio samples to scare you away with. As long as we are able to weather the ‘boo’s’, we should be having more updates like this. Thanks for coming out if you did, if you didn’t, contact me at to get on our mailing list for future updates. It’s a two man one man show explosion-athon!

Enjoy some bar games!

(excerpts from ‘ask an idiot’)

(visual manifestation of ‘who pooped in the bathroom – the bar game!)

Now THAT’S entertainment.

A Guest Column

Occasionally, we here at downinthewell consider bringing more members to our small dysfunctional family. Generally, these thoughts are immediately banished with sobriety…but sometimes things slip through and deals are made with various devils. So, while he is no stranger to us personally, he has yet to grace the illustrious pages of If you would be so kind, please welcome the drunk, the lonely, the perpetually angry Alexander Nathaniel Owen, and his column: Info Sack.

‘You Better Recognize’ – A piece by A.N. Owen

So, over the years, I have discovered, that I am easily recognizable….most likely it’s the sideburns,
maybe I’m loud, or obnoxious, there’s a small possibility that it cause I’m funny….but doubtful, most
likely it’s the sideburns (people nowadays are too stupid to remember anything else….especially people
from the south)….whatever the reason, the bottom line is…..I get recognized. [full entry]

‘Ten Body Parts I Can’t Live Without’ or ‘Some Guy In Harry Potter Doesn’t Have A Nose’

Smelling, if it had nothing to do with taste, would be useless to me. It’s difficult for me to hypothesize how difficult it would be for me to live like that creature featured on all of the most recent Harry Potter movie advertisements (someone help me out here, i understand he’s a bad guy…THE bad guy in fact).

In honor of that film series finally being put to rest so Hollywood can get back to making blockbuster blow em up flicks i present to you this list:

Ten body parts i’d never like to lose (in order of importance)

10. beard. my face would get cold without one.
9. my ass. because sitting has become something i’ve grown to really like. reeeaaaaly like. like an unhealthy obsession with just sitting down. sitting down is the first step to hanging out and playing video games.
8. appendix. you gotta stick up for the little guy. everybody gets this thing removed and just tosses it in the trash as if it hasn’t done anything for the common ancestor we share with the chimpanzee in digesting cellulose and plant matter.
7. fingernails. cuz i like backscratches, and in order to get a backscratch you generally have to give a backscratch…and that aint happenin with little fleshy nubs.
6. hitchiker thumb. cuz i got one and you dont.
5. stomach. eating is awesome. eating food is sooooooo great. i eat when im hungry, i eat when im bored, i eat when the tv’s on, i eat when the tv’s off, i eat when im driving, i eat and eat and eat and eat and eat.
4. kidneys. they make pee. i know liver sounds like a much more important organ to this type of crowd, but it’s my understanding that the liver can regenerate, so i assume if they took it out it’s just going to grow right back, like a disgusting corn on your toe…a disgusting corn that filters all that deadly poison out of your blood.
3. my skin. have you ever seen a person with no skin? it’s gross.
2. my fingers. i love touching stuff. i eat with my fingers all the time. even if you replaced them with forks they could never be as useful as they are right now.
1. my face. i don’t feel like it’s that great to look at, but i’d hate looking in the mirror every morning, and i’d have a hell of a time picking out a facebook profile picture without one.