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On the topic of unfortunate coincidences :

As a human, I notice, but attempt to ignore all methods of advertising. All the while, being human forces me to be completely influenced by it in every way imaginable. I never really began to realize this until I would notice small consistencies within logo design and font selection that would make me think of a specific product. For instance: any time I see something written in white script on a red background, I instantly think of ‘CocaCola’, it’s ‘Always Coca Cola’! And to think that this is not done intentionally would make me ignorant of all the hard work and effort that has been put into brainwashing me over all these years, I mean, if I wasn’t SURE that Mean Joe Green would toss his filthy, sweat drenched jersey at me after snatching the ice cold Coca Cola Classic from my hands and sucking it down while limping his brittle bones into the locker room, I never would have given it up! Max Headroom, polar bears, that Indiana Jones commercial! (wait, that one might have been for diet coke…I DON’T EVEN DRINK DIET COKE!!! SEE WHAT THEY’VE DONE!?)

Anyway, this isn’t some tirade about advertising, I was just mentioning how often I notice it.

So, as far as logo design goes, I often wonder how and where whoever is designing these things are getting their inspiration from. The most recent subject that I’ve taken notice on was President Obama’s logo (the first article I wrote about this subject can be found HERE). For some reason, the designer of this logo either did too much homework while deciding on it, or none at all. So the fact that it is eerily similar to that of the ‘American Standard’ Toilet company can probably be overlooked, but does anyone find it even the slightest bit odd that it can be found in a place like this:

Worry Bank!?

Now, regardless of how we got into what we are considering the worst financial crisis of our generation – you can’t help but find this obscenely coincidental. But, unfortunately the coincidences don’t end there. Is it possible that ‘Woori Bank’, which utilizes a monochrome Obama logo could have predicted a rock star president who still maintains a positive percentage in popularity? Maybe if it were located in the same building as:

Banco Popular!?

I’m not a political analyst, satirist, or pundit…and we never claim to know a bit about what we’re talking about…but does it give you chills that the popular president was gonna make us worry, and more importantly, could have been predicted just by looking at a bank!?

A stretch? Yeah, I’ll agree with you on that one. Coincidence? Probably. Another post on DEFINITELY!!!

Thanks! And now some commercials I was talking about!

Excuse my french but, This post makes my mind spin at the speed of dark.