Collectively Ridiculous

I got the chance to see another Collectively Ridiculous show at the Old Town Pub in Pasadena this past weekend, and I have to say they really are one of the better new bands I’ve seen in a very long time.  Sometimes it’s hard to get into a purely instrumental group, but these guys are masters of their craft,  they take playing music seriously, and look like they’re having fun doing it!    This is a great version of Deep Purple’s ‘Fireball’.  Check ‘em out, seriously, you won’t be disappointed.

[note, I’m still playing around with compression and trying to find the best/easiest video encoding site. This video didn’t look as dark on my monitors at home when I was editing it. You’re gonna get some real professionalism here after a bit, so enjoy this while it lasts! You’re gonna miss the day of grainy, dark, distorted video, be warned!]