Monkey Kong Needs Brains

Video first…explanation later:

So, this is a character that I was sort of working on to be included in another short project that I sort of started and sort of never got passed character design [which believe me…was unbelievable!]. So I took an opportunity to do some simple character animation in After Effects and learn a few additional basics that I should really already know but always forget…and I got to do some photoshop manipulation which I don’t do enough of…and so overall, I think this short clip provides an accurate portrayal of ‘spending too much time doing something for no reason’…but hey..who doesn’t like monkeys?!

You might see more of monkey kong…possibly pulling things from places you never thought of before, or maybe even moving! Or maybe not…it depends on how bored I get Vs. how bad traffic is when I leave work…there’s plenty of stuff that I don’t ever get back around to finishing…like that list I was making of things I won’t ever finish

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Don’t Use Payphones!

Besides all the dirty little nasties that can get all over your hands, there are numerous reasons why you shouldn’t use payphones – and the pro cell phone organization ‘Cell Phones Of America’ will outline one of them for you in this short video:

See!? They’re dumb!

A short sketch my friend Scott and I shot this past weekend for shits and giggles. Turned out pretty nice huh? Leave us some feedback here at downinthewell

or watch it and comment HERE in HD! [make sure you click the ‘HD’ button in the right corner of the player!]

How To Tame The Wild West

Again, has brought to you a fine piece of scathing social commentary in the form of expertly executed photoshopping.


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2 Bedroom W/ A View

The adventures of living in Long Beach never seem to end.

Sunday, a day typically designated for sleeping until the early afternoon, eating, and watching tv was jump started with the sound of metal tubes getting tossed onto the ground? How do I describe the sound? Imagine fifty aluminum baseball bats getting tossed out of the back of a truck and into the street. That’s pretty much what it sounded like.

So I get up to investigate, throw open the blinds and discover my once beautiful ocean view [slightly exaggerated, it is still Long Beach] obscured by…WTF!?dscf06981

There’s something crazy going on behind there and I wanna know what it is!!!

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A Room Full Of Lesbians

That’ll get your attention, huh?

After letting eight lesbians use my bathroom yesterday, they bought me some beer from the gas station. I met a nice representative from this organization:

I mentioned they change their slogan to ‘legaylize it’. She liked it and gave me a t-shirt for free. I said ‘thanks’.

I don’t think that it’s necessarily the most clever t-shirt saying. All I’m saying is, if you see a t-shirt with that slogan on it, there is a great chance that me and a few shots of gin had something to do with it.

You’re welcome.