Banco Popular

On the topic of unfortunate coincidences :

As a human, I notice, but attempt to ignore all methods of advertising. All the while, being human forces me to be completely influenced by it in every way imaginable. I never really began to realize this until I would notice small consistencies within logo design and font selection that would make me think of a specific product. For instance: any time I see something written in white script on a red background, I instantly think of ‘CocaCola’, it’s ‘Always Coca Cola’! And to think that this is not done intentionally would make me ignorant of all the hard work and effort that has been put into brainwashing me over all these years, I mean, if I wasn’t SURE that Mean Joe Green would toss his filthy, sweat drenched jersey at me after snatching the ice cold Coca Cola Classic from my hands and sucking it down while limping his brittle bones into the locker room, I never would have given it up! Max Headroom, polar bears, that Indiana Jones commercial! (wait, that one might have been for diet coke…I DON’T EVEN DRINK DIET COKE!!! SEE WHAT THEY’VE DONE!?)

Anyway, this isn’t some tirade about advertising, I was just mentioning how often I notice it.

So, as far as logo design goes, I often wonder how and where whoever is designing these things are getting their inspiration from. The most recent subject that I’ve taken notice on was President Obama’s logo (the first article I wrote about this subject can be found HERE). For some reason, the designer of this logo either did too much homework while deciding on it, or none at all. So the fact that it is eerily similar to that of the ‘American Standard’ Toilet company can probably be overlooked, but does anyone find it even the slightest bit odd that it can be found in a place like this:

Worry Bank!?

Now, regardless of how we got into what we are considering the worst financial crisis of our generation – you can’t help but find this obscenely coincidental. But, unfortunately the coincidences don’t end there. Is it possible that ‘Woori Bank’, which utilizes a monochrome Obama logo could have predicted a rock star president who still maintains a positive percentage in popularity? Maybe if it were located in the same building as:

Banco Popular!?

I’m not a political analyst, satirist, or pundit…and we never claim to know a bit about what we’re talking about…but does it give you chills that the popular president was gonna make us worry, and more importantly, could have been predicted just by looking at a bank!?

A stretch? Yeah, I’ll agree with you on that one. Coincidence? Probably. Another post on DEFINITELY!!!

Thanks! And now some commercials I was talking about!

Tale Of A Broken Heart

Broken heart you say?

This entire fiasco began a few weeks ago when I had the craving for poutine. Poutine, for those of you who aren’t familiar, is a French-Canadian dish consisting of golden brown french fries straight out of the fryer mixed with fresh squeaky cheese curds, smothered in a rich brown gravy. I know, sounds delicious right?

One would think such a popular food item could be found in the great city of Los Angeles right? I mean, the second largest city in these United States would surely have at least one fine example of this Canadian culinary masterpiece, wouldn’t it?

No, the answer to that question is absolutely not.

So in my defeat, I sleuthed out the ingredients that would most accurately replicate what I have heard so much about, and could compare to endless Google image searches. The results? Well, heart stopping:

My recipe ended up including a bag of frozen french fries, a plastic tub of tiny mozarella cheese balls, and a jar of brown gravy. I heard mention that the ‘authentic’ poutine sauce was not just brown gravy, but a mixture of barbecue and gravy, so naturally I reached for my hot and spicy barbecue sauce and tossed it right on in there. My prognosis: Delicious.

Flash forward two weeks. Hype doesn’t bother me, unless I create it myself. I read about this place that opened recently in Pasadena, CA called ‘Slaw Dogs’. I looked up the menu on the internet [which, is honestly the best idea to happen to restaurants hands down] and browsed trough their interesting combinations of sausages and wieners topped with exotic cole slaws and condiments. There were honestly too many options for me to make an accurate decision without actually being there, so I made it a point to visit the next time I was in the area. That time was four days ago.

I have been living on a consistent diet of Ramen Noodle lunches. Full stock, hot sauce, and the occasional handful of frozen peas has been keeping my lunch breaks occupied for the past few weeks. Not exactly a square meal, but it does the trick on a thin dime.

So thursday night, I roll out to Pasadena. I pull up to ‘Slaw Dogs’ and I take a deep breath as i step through the door. I glance up at the giant blackboard full of the possibilities and take in all the possible combinations that can be created with their endless list of toppings and garnishes. ‘Spicy Polish with pickle chips, pico de gallo, and ranch dressing? No, that won’t do. Well, how about the standard all beef kosher dog with mustard, a pickle spear, electric green relish and some celery salt? Nah, too pedestrian.’ None of the options appeared to be the right one for me. Until i stumbled across the number ten: ‘TNT Super Dog’ (aka “The Good Timer”).

Spectacle: n
– An elaborate and remarkable display on a lavish scale

This sandwich sounded like the one for me. Two ten inch rippered beef hot dogs (the term ‘rippered’ refers to deep frying the hot dogs until they split…this was explained to me when i expressed concern after hearing someone else request theirs to be ‘rippered’ and inquired…’oh don’t worry’ they said ‘you’re getting the whole deal’), chili, cheese, bacon, pastrami, french fries, and grilled onions – all wrapped in a giant tortilla.

‘You should get the fried egg’
“excuse me?”
‘You should get it with the fried egg, you’re already going all out, you might as well take it one step further’
“can i do that?”

I ordered it to go and sat patiently with a plastic cup of ice water as they bagged up my order and handed it to me. I said ‘thank you’ and quickly walked out the door. I couldn’t wait to see the treasure they had handed over.

I walked in the door to my friends house and slapped the ten pound bag (slight exaggeration I admit, but my arm was burning from walking that thing in from the car) on the coffee table and just announced: ‘Behold!’:

I’ll be honest, my heart hurt a little just thinking about eating it…don’t even ask how it felt after.

It was delicious. I finished the entire thing, and then even drank a few beers and ate some fried rice later on that night.

Two thumbs up.

But the saga doesn’t end there. The weekend nightmare has just begun.

Friday brings another typical Ramen Noodle lunch, coupled with a box of chicken flavored noodles for dinner, this was sodium light friday night! But I did feel the need to wash it all down with a healthy evening of boozing…and about four black and tans, an extra large shot of Jameson whiskey, and about three quarters of a [bellini?] (from what i remember….chambord…peach schnapps…and champagne mixed together in a fluted glass of some sort? I don’t know, I saw the bartender make a few for this couple right next to me and it looked interesting…I wouldn’t recommend it), and then a couple of MGD’s to cap it all off when I got home.

Saturday afternoon brought everyone’s favorite heart healthy hangover food – red dragon chinese express!!! I chose the something spicy fire chicken, and potato chicken [which, following on a theme here, was mixed with – you guessed it – french fries] accompanied by a mix of fried rice and chow mein.

And this is where the fun begins.

Saturday night at the Irwindale raceway, we pre-gamed it with about eight beers in the parking lot, and then headed into the park. There, armed with full mullet wig and grave digger t-shirt, my alter ego ‘Randall Brown’ makes his first public appearance, and is ready to do some damage. Beer after beer after beer to an un-carded redneck freak – combined with the largest pulled pork sandwich you’ve ever seen [seriously, imagine a six inch subway loaf jam packed with delicious slow cooked pork and a mountain of grilled onions] combined with a basket of chili cheese fries make for one interesting bathroom experience come morning.

After watching some figure eight racing, and then settling in with a few more 16 oz. Miller High Life’s, this night is looking pretty good – then sprinkle in some women’s curling, a female table tennis championship match, and some crazy Czechoslovakian off road, aggressive ladies winter bicycle racing, and I can fall asleep at midnight a happy young man.

Back to Slaw Dogs the next afternoon.

This time, a more sensible chicken sausage smothered in thai peanut sauce, thai carrot slaw, and crushed peanuts โ€“ married with an interesting basket of sweet potato fries laced with bacon and kimchi – topped off with none other than that infamous fried egg…and we’ve created another delicious addition to our family.

*note: you know youโ€™re doing something terribly wrong if you have had to eat a carton of French fries with a fork two nights in a row

That brings us to today. I promised my heart, the trooper that he is, I would take it easy on him this week for all that he’s done for me these past few laborious outings. And then that little voice pops up in the back of your head after mulling over a hot bowl of Ramen that mentions ‘KFC’s Double Downer hits restaurants today!’ You remember that tasty little fellow don’t you? Two fried chicken breasts – sandwiching a pile of bacon, two types of cheeses and some spicy mayo? Yeah, that sandwich with no bread. Well, here it is:

And there it was. My last endeavor. I didn’t want it. I didn’t need it. But I had to have it. I had to, based on pure spectacle. How would I feel if I passed on the opportunity to devour the equivalent of a salt lick in sodium in four days. A crisco tub full of grease. An entire Idaho family farm full of potatoes. How would I feel!?

Un-American…that’s how.

And how did I feel after the first bite? Queezy. I’ll be honest. I wasn’t really looking forward to biting into this thing. The grease had already eaten it’s way through the paper wrapper, dripped out of the cardboard box, and then melted through the stack of napkins that were sitting in the bottom of the Colonels paper sack.

I didn’t finish. I couldn’t. Maybe a normal human could, but the combo killed me. I didn’t even want the potato wedges, but they looked so great! And it cost the same whether I got the Dr. Pepper or not! So, of course i got it, I’m American!

It was foolish…It was wreckless…but dammit…it was necessary.

Now If you’ll excuse me….I’ve gotta….you know

Some More Pic’s To Keep you entertained!

MummRat Challenge #1: Draw The United States From Memory

We commonly make outlandish statements in life and in general, [Un]fortunately, we make these statements while recording a radio show for all the internet to hear. And then the statements get preserved until the internet fizzles out and we’re all left in a cloud of darkness.


This is great for those of you who like to see people fail at things…we make such great claims that it would be impossible for us to complete them all successfully…so here it is…the first of many attempts to complete a mummrat challenge. Witness Brad attempting to draw a United States map from memory after hearing Senator Al Franken could do it…you be the judge:

MummRat Radio Ep. 22!

Mummrats! We are back again with another fantastic pre-recorded show where we tackle anything and everything…as long as it happened to us or we can find it on the internet! A very special listener appreciation episode where our content is mostly generated by questions asked by you! That’s right, YOU, the listeners!

Let me first begin by saying, we are paid a special visit again by Mr. CT -Carvell Talley – our very first and very special return visitor to the mummrat entertainment radio program. We will be hearing more of him, and that alone should be enough for you to stick around!

But, if knowing that CT was back in the house ISN’T enough, maybe our riveting discussions about the mighty morphin power rangers, teenage mutant ninja turtles, and other eighties television shows is enough to entice you. Not yet? How about we get terribly offended by a Japanese game show where your main objective is to rape innocent women and dissect the ancient art of ‘sharking’? Maybe you can lick your chops as we hear some juicy juicy voice mail messages that were left on Brad’s phone in the past week from his ex girlfriends father! We also find out some sick perversions we all have regarding female cartoon characters.

It’s all here ladies and gentlemums…this is one of our best episodes yet, and they’re just going to get better. Listen along with us, and stick around so you can find out whether or not Ben follows through on his very own, very embarrassing, self inflicted challenge!

Peace, love, and axle grease!

Soul Shattering Clip Of The Week:

I had made two versions of that photo, so here we are photshopped onto turtle bodies….just for S and G’s: