Ben & Clark Cast Ep. 3!

After weeks of recuperation Ben and Clark were finally able to pull themselves out of their stupor and manage to record another show for your listening pleasure! Indulge them as they discuss the differences between their ‘Type A’ and ‘Type B’ personalities, and how getting hit in the face can be a serious rush! Clint James is back on the mic with us, and we’re glad to have a voice of reason thrown into the mix as he appears to make the most sense out of anyone in the room. Charlie Sheen has been going off his rocker as of late, and we include a ton of clips and expert commentary on his entire meltdown in the later half of the show. Our janky little radio setup has caused an issue late into the show where it quits recording and we’re forced to continue the show as if it never happened [you’ll never know, we swear!], and beers are drank. Strap in, learn more about wrestling and bad decisions in this riveting third episode.

Oh yeah, and Ben issues a challenge to Alex Jones of Prison Planet Radio. We insist someone sets this up!


‘How To Buy Breast Milk Online’ or ‘A Single White Males Perspective On Purchasing Used Breast Pumps’

As I was flipping through the pages of a dusty old classified circular picked up from a diner outside of Mojave, CA I noticed a few things: Rent is about as cheap as the dirt the house is sitting on, racing pigeons are all the rage and you can purchase them for ten bucks a pop – certified and banded, and motorized breast pumps are more expensive when you purchase them used.

I’ve never really thought about breast milk much before, being that i was a Similac kid growing up [full entry]

50 Til 50000 [Update]

My prediction was spot on. This picture was taken driving on 105 West toward El Segundo at about 10:13 in the morning. In case you were wondering, I made it.

50 til 50,000

where will i be?Things I WONT be doing as my car hits 50,000 miles.

As my car sits idle, fifty miles from the first major milestone in it’s life, I consider the possibilities of where it will be as the odometer clicks over to this momentous landmark. [full entry]

Ben And Clark Cast Ep. 2 – Chaos Erupts … Sort Of

Ben and Clark are back for episode number 2 of that long anticipated podcast, with a very special guest Clint James who provides us with a little perspective about how much our lives may seem awful, but really aren’t that bad. The very mention of trouble in Egypt and everything goes straight to hell, while we learn not to answer cell phone calls on the air – even though they’re important, and Ben sounds like a tiny man is constricting his every breath during the entire length of the episode due to recent illness…he promises to do better next time.

We got some great feedback from the last episode, keep downloading, streaming, and sharing. We’re looking to really ramp up our pre-production for the upcoming episodes and want to hear back from you! Leave a comment or questions in the comment section below, or send us an email at

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