Mummrat Radio Episode 7

night of the living mummrat

That’s right folks we really pulled out all the stops on this one. Ben and Brad talk about when foreclosure really hits home (or hits apartment complex). The guys discuss the results of the video game bracket, Bob Dylan’s Christmas album, Cuba, Palin and Birmingham Alabama’s 2020 Olympic bid. In the spirit of Halloween Mummrat investigates whether or not Zombie movies are for Hipsters, Metalheads, or just plain nerds, so enjoy it, its Night of the Living Mummrat Radio Show!

Oh by the by, this episode has no ending because we ran out of tape. If you make it the whole hour and forty five don’t be too upset at us for forgetting to say goodbye. Goodbye.

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Total Kill Yourself Time, Is California Part Of America Part 5, Or You Can’t Throw From Behind A Bad Line

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Mummrat/Downinthewell’s Big Ass Video Game Franchise Tournament Bracket!!

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Mummrat Radio Ep. 6

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Mummrat Radio Ep. 5

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It’s that time of week again when we update the site with another fine episode of Mummrat Radio!!!

We pay our condolences to the late Capt. Lou Albano, Brood harder than we’ve ever brooded before, talk some well deserved smack about apples [the computer, not the fruit] [but now that i think about it, the fruit can go straight to hell too!], suggest holidays are given to people who always deserved them, and give so many spelling lessons you can’t help but misspell something…

And our buddy Rush Limbaugh drops by to give us yet another opinion of things.

We’d love to read some feedback or any show suggestions you may have, you know how to get at us or just leave some comments on this post!